“I exist, but for what purpose? For nothing but to be ridiculed? To be a laughingstock? Why? So that others can find something wrong with me, and expose it? What’s so great about them, that they are not ridiculed? Why is it that I am the one picked on? So that I may have an example for my kids (God-knowing if I even have any) whenever they go through a tough time? Why should I continue through life, for others to put me down? Why shouldn’t I end this now? Is it because God doesn’t want me to? Is it because I have no intentions of suicide? Or do I?”

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6 Responses to Thoughtless

  1. illusionaire says:

    Heh! ve tlata! serious post a ziak ve ka bor hian. lolz. natinge a, fiamthu i post tak loh? in nu in a ban che a mi? 🙂

    Nice template!

  2. illusionaire says:

    ka “bro” ka tihna. haha.

  3. thinchhia says:

    hehehe ‘nun hian awmzia neilo’ ka ti top mai a ni.huizzz bena ang in africa lamah kal daih ka chak a ni.

  4. Jerusha says:

    Nunin awmzia nei lo tia dawn deuh lai pawh a min ti nui tu ber chutia Africa lamah kal deih I duh mai te chuan kan tan a hreawm awm tlawk tlawk ee mai, I lo kal bo deih palh ang e!

    Tak tak a, keipawh nun hi nin deuh chang chuan Africa mawlh hi kal ka duh thrin.

  5. Jerusha says:

    *down* deuh lai ka tihna 🙂

  6. thinchhia says:

    Down nak laia Africa lama lum ti tak a zuk down leh zual kha ka peih leh chiahlova, ka bansan hmaks.ka’n down tak tak chu ka zan mu te hi ka meng lo re re.

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