From me to You all

Ekhai kumthar chibai vek u le.
Tun kum atang chuan domain tharah ka insuan san dawn che  u a, inlo leng thin dawn nia, thingpui hang leh kurtai thlum ni mai.

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4 Responses to From me to You all

  1. illusionaire says:

    wow!!!! Niceeeeeee!!!!! Congrats on the domain.

  2. Hi,I’m sorry to post this question here on your blog, but I don’t speak your language and didn’t see how to email you.I was reading on Blog Buster a comment you had left a long time ago about how to make your sidebar and posting areas (or wrappers) equal heights. You had said to add ‘column’ to every instance of ‘div class=widget-content’. I tried adding ‘column’ in a few different places and it didn’t make the columns the same- could you email me and let me know how you did this- if you remember 🙂 Thanks. My email is available on my profile or my blog.Tessa

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