Stop Crying Your Heart Out

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suangtuahna vakvel

  Zan mut theihloh chuan suangtuahna hi a lo vakkual nasa thei khawp mai, nizan ka muhil theilo ngaihtuahna vakvel hian a dap kual nasa, topic hrang hrang ah ngaihtuahna a insawn zung zung a:

      Kohhran Upa, hnathawhna a officer ni bawk hi dawr an hrehawm let tawp tawp. Upa hian hian term nei ve se a thra phian ang a


  • Zu hian thatna pakhatmah a neilo,zu avanga chhungkaw buai te zawh mai chi


  • Naupangte rim hi a tih chi, biak thlek vel pawh an nuam.


  • Chelsea ah hian Fernando Torres hi lut se ka ti khawp mai.


  •  Drogba hi a  streng ngawt ang!


  •   Tut lui a sangha hrai hlum vak tu kha a awm a nuam a ngem le.


  •   Tunkai khua a chhe nileng thei hle, nupui neih a, awmnikhama mut mai mai a chak awm thin.


  •  Ka phone ah hian tawslite fit dan a awm a ngem le.


  •  Pu Hawla kal na a piangah hian ngaitinge Pi Rii hi a kal ve kher zel le?  
  •  Ka text dawn from thianpa ” ka luck viau chuan ka inhria, mahse ka power ka la hmangthiamlo” 
  •  Sikret nghei nan hian enge substitute tan thra deuh ang?

  •  Kungfu shoe leh bitter silipar te kha khawi a an siam nge kha aw.


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    Use emoticons on blogger blog

    If you read through some of the posts on the Cool Stuff blog, you will notice that I use emoticons quite frequently. While writing good article is important, adding emoticons to a blog post makes it looks more interesting.To add these smileys, follow these steps:
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    First log in to Blogger
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    , now find this code


    STEP 2 :
    And just BEFORE it, add this line:

    <script src=’; type=’text/javascript’/>

    Finally save the template. 🙂   :)]

    PS: Although the required javascript file has already been uploaded and linked by me in the code above, but as a backup download and save this file on your PC.
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    And upload the file (smiley.js) here:

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    Hun awl hnawhkhahna

    an nalh khawp mai

    hei pawh hi

    tih tur awmlo bawk a World Record siam ni a mi dinagrafix lak hi kan dahtha a nge.
    source: LK

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    Ho mai mai hian maw…


    hnathawhna lam product bawk.. 😛 😀

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    Reiek tlang

                                                     thianhoin kan kal a,ka hah rapthlak

                            kap a in nawk nasa deuh a,chawlh pah a lak an nih deuh ila chuan ka hmet nguar ang.

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    In Bam

    thingtlangah chuan zan lamah hian tihtur avang a niang,tiang hian current awmloh pawn torchlight an neih angte khaikhawm chungin ‘in bam’ an ti tho mai.a nuam dangdai viau ta ve ang.

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